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Newcastle City Futures

A prosperous future for cities requires the intellectual leadership from universities and full participation from citizens and businesses.

Newcastle City Futures is the RCUK/Innovate UK Urban Living Partnership pilot led by Newcastle University, creating shared opportunities to shape the future of the city. We work with the local authorities, public sector, businesses, communities and universities to generate new visible, exciting and meaningful projects across the city.

Our Vision

To ensure the economic growth of Newcastle and Gateshead where all people in the city equally enjoy positive wellbeing and good health irrespective of age.

Newcastle is a post-industrial city at the heart of a region of 2m people. It has a long and illustrious history of scientific and technological innovation that we are using to address 21st century challenges: how to support the city’s population harnessing digital platforms, broad civic engagement, and business development; leading to improvements in quality of life and new models of governance.

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