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Newcastle City Futures from David George on Vimeo.

A new model for urban innovation

A new model for urban innovation, developed in Newcastle in the UK, is now being exported to cities around the world. Newcastle City Futures is a pioneering project led by Newcastle University to bring together diverse groups of experts with all those with an interest in tackling the complex challenges facing cities to come up with innovative solutions. This tried and tested model is now being shared with other cities around the world so the lessons learned can be adapted and scaled up to address their specific needs.

Involving citizens in shaping their future city

Cities represent the best of our societies, the pinnacles of our cultural, academic and sporting achievements, but they also represent some of our greatest challenges around environmental protection, caring for people and employment opportunities. Councillor Nick Forbes, Leader of Newcastle City Council, explains how Newcastle City Futures provides an opportunity to consider how our cities need to be shaped and involves diverse groups of people in influencing decisions.

Future-proofing Newcastle for an ageing population

A pioneering project is providing new ways for people to come together to imagine the future of their city and consider ways to make improvements for an ageing demographic. Barbara Douglas, Strategic Director of the Quality of Life Partnership, explains how Newcastle City Futures provides a unique opportunity to explore new solutions that better serve the needs of the whole population in areas including housing and transport.

Transforming Northumberland Street

The way in which cities evolve is changing, with multiple interested parties all wanting to have their say in how cities adapt to modern times. Adrian Waddell, Operations Director at NE1 Business Improvement District Company, explains how our pioneering project is helping to achieve this in Newcastle by giving a voice to the business community and helping to raise ambitions for the transformation of Northumberland Street – once the most successful retail street outside of London.

Why Newcastle is the perfect test bed city for innovation

Newcastle in the UK is establishing itself a test bed city for tackling big issues relating to health, education, economic growth and many others. Simon Hanson, Regional Development Manager for the Federation of Small Businesses, explains how the pioneering Newcastle City Futures project provides a platform to showcase the innovative commercial solutions that are developed in the city to the rest of the world.

How academics are designing the future of Newcastle

All cities are facing increasingly complex challenges but in Newcastle in the UK, a unique project is bringing together all of the key players and agencies in the city to design innovative solutions. Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Director of Newcastle City Futures, explains the crucial role played by academic colleagues at Newcastle University in bridging this diverse group of experts and giving something back to the city in which they operate.

Envisioning Futures: Visualising Newcastle City Futures 2065

This video was created by Dr Emine Mine Thompson, Dr James Charlton, Dr Danilo Di Mascio and Diogo Henriques from Northumbria University, Department of Architecture and Built Environment for the UK Government Office for Science, Future of Cities Foresight Project. This project looks into the opportunities and challenges that UK cities will be facing over the next 50 years. One of the many activities from this Foresight Project is “The Newcastle City Futures 2065 Report” developed by Prof M. Tewdwr-Jones and Prof. J Goddard and Dr. Paul Cowie from Newcastle University. Northumbria University’s Virtual Reality and Visualisation Studio is given approval to decipher these different scenarios, from the report, into visualisations. These visualisations will support knowledge exchange and public engagement activities for the Newcastle Futures Project.

NCF exhibition

A short film about Newcastle City Futures exhibition and events series, organised by the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University in May and June 2014, including an interview with Leader of Newcastle City Council Nick Forbes. The exhibition featured architecture and urban planning and design schemes from the past, present and future and the events series engaged the public in discussions about the city’s development. #cityfutures

John Goddard and Mark Tewdwr-Jones being interviewed about NCF as a civic university project

John Goddard and Mark Tewdwr-Jones being interviewed about NCF as a civic university project
As a world-class civic university Newcastle’s research is focused on addressing some of society’s most pressing issues. The primary feature of a civic university is its sense of purpose – an understanding of not just what it is good at, but what it is good for. A civic university sees itself as delivering benefits to individuals, organisations and to society as a whole. It means putting academic knowledge, creativity and expertise to work, to come up with innovations and solutions that make a difference.

Mark Tewdwr-Jones in a panel discussion in Sydney about futures and collaboration in the city

On Wednesday evening the 22nd April, The Australian Graduate School of Urbanism, UNSW and Cox Richardson held the first of a series of City Roundtables as part of a broader initiative to build engagement between the university and practice – research to improve practice and practice to focus and apply research.

Mark Tewdwr-Jones on a panel discussion at the Bristol Festival of Ideas

There’s little doubt that there’s a new mood about devolving powers to cities and regions. Where will this go next? Mike Emmerich (Metrodynamics), who worked on the Northern Powerhouse initiative and is now advising Birmingham; George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol; Alexandra Jones (Chief Executive, Centre for Cities), who has played a leading role in the campaign for cities and devolution for many years; and Mark Tewdwr-Jones (Professor of Town Planning, Newcastle University), who led the Newcastle City Futures 2065 report, discuss the issues. Chaired by Heather Stewart, Economics Editor, Observer.

Smart cities for Channel News Asia Perspectives 1

Mark Tewdwr-Jones of Newcastle University (UK) discusses whether cities that take a broader perspective are best placed to tackle the wider problems that are coming.

Smart cities for Channel News Asia Perspectives 2

Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Chair of Town Planning at Newcastle University (UK) discusses how Universities are anchored institutions within the urban realm. Can they perform a facilitating role for citizens, businesses, communities to come together to try and understand the pressures that are going on and find solutions for the long term?

NCF metro futures launch

Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Professor of Town Planning at Newcastle University and Director of Newcastle City Futures, discusses how Metro Futures brings different groups together to write the next chapter in the story of the Tyne and Wear Metro.

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