This project considers the potential of creative arts to improve the wellbeing of young people living with chronic illnesses.

In this pilot phase we will work with young people who have Muscular Dystrophy and Arthritis, both conditions somewhat hidden to the wider public. Increased attention is being paid to the impact of art on people who have illnesses encountered in ageing, particularly dementia, but little research considers the potential of art engaging young people with chronic conditions, or how artist responses can impact patient care.

This collaborative pilot project brings together academics, artists, young people and healthcare professionals to interrogate these questions using practice-led and qualitative ethnographic methods. Key goals are: the creation of high quality artworks, identifying any impact on patients and patient care, establishing meaningful evaluation frameworks, and identifying the feasibility of pursuing larger research project.

Academic Lead Vee Pollock


  • Academia: Newcastle University
  • Public and voluntary sectors: John Walton Centre, Helix Arts